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MDAI 2015 (Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence)

Slides of our paper: J. Casas-Roma (2015). An Evaluation of Edge Modification Techniques for Privacy-Preserving on Graphs. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence, volume 9321 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 180-191. 2015. … Continue reading

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SoMeRis 2015 (social media and risk)

Slides of our paper: J. Casas-Roma and F. Rousseau (2015). Community-preserving generalization of social networks. Proceedings of the social media and risk ASONAM 2015 workshop (SoMeRis ’15) SoMeRis2015-jcasasr-presentation

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Plotting the coreness of a network with R and igraph

Briefly, the k-core of a graph corresponds to the maximal connected subgraph whose vertices are at least of degree k within the subgraph. It is an interesting tool to analyze the connectivity of a network, and it is used in several … Continue reading

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Finding rellevant links in a network

In the following paper , the authors proposed a new method to compute the most important edges (or links) in a network: Grady, D., Thiemann, C., & Brockmann, D. (2012). Robust classification of salient links in complex networks. Nature Communications, … Continue reading

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